Earn boosted rewards for Clean Air Week

17 May 2022

Go car-free to tackle air pollution and earn extra points

To mark Clean Air Day, we'll be offering QUADRUPLE points and route bonuses for ditching the car and travelling sustainably between 13 - 19 June.

Air pollution contributes to an estimated 500 - 1,000 deaths every year in the West Midlands. It has a financial impact too, with air quality related health issues costing the local economy over £500 million a year.

To help tackle air pollution - recognised by the UK Government as the largest environmental health risk we face today - we need to take action.

Whether for the school run, work commute, or trip to the shops, we are asking you to champion clean air for all by leaving the car at home and travelling actively or sustainably around Warwick District instead.

By doing so, you can get your hands on the following rewards:

Quadruple Points

Earn extra 60 BetterPoints for walking, wheeling, cycling, or taking the bus or train for at least 1 mile. You can earn this reward twice per day.

Sustainable Travel Zone Bonus

Earn bonus 20 BetterPoints by walking, wheeling, cycling or taking the bus through one the Sustainable Travel Zones below. You can earn this reward twice per day.

Leamington Spa

  • Wise Street
  • Bath Street
  • High Street
  • Old Warwick Road


  • Saltisford
  • Northgate
  • Coventry Road
  • Castle Hill

Carbon Crush Medals

Can you 'crush-it' with your low-carbon travel during Clean Air Week through to the end of August?

If so, you can win these Carbon Crush medals. Nine medals are available to all, but if you're the first person to reach the gold activity mark in each category you will earn the exclusive Carbon Crush Crown!

Choosing to travelling sustainably is a great way to reduce your carbon emissions. A typical passenger car emits about 4.6 tonnes of CO2 a year. To capture these emissions, it would require 76 tree saplings to grow for 10 YEARS!

So with the weather becoming increasingly warm and dry, take the opportunity to leave the car at home and try to collect this medal haul.