Running a 10K? I’d have said 'you’re ridiculous!’

07 September 2021

BetterPoints user Laura tells us her story

Using the car to get to work was never in question for Laura. That was until lockdown and BetterPoints kick-started an active travel and exercise regime that has continued ever since. Here is what she had to say about the app and how the Choose How You Move challenge has helped energise her to try new things.

What were your travel habits and levels of physical activity like before you came across the Choose How You Move Warwick challenge?

“I wasn’t particularly active. I was doing one, possibly two walks a week and would drive 10 minutes into work every day. But when lockdown happened and I wasn’t getting out, I decided to start doing more exercise. I began going for regular runs and walks, which was around the time that I discovered the challenge. It has pushed me to maintain and add to my new-found good habit.”

How has using the BetterPoints app helped? What is it you like about it?

“100% the best thing is the automatic tracking. If I had to do it manually, I would never remember to track anything! I can go about my normal day, the app will recognise and record my different activity types, and then I can check and approve my journeys in the evening. It is really rewarding to see what I’ve achieved at the end of the day.

Also, I would never have appreciated how far I walk or run without the app. Now I know the distance to the local shop for example. I’ve thought to myself ‘oh wow, that’s pretty impressive!’.”

How has the BetterPoints app changed your travel habits?

“It helped motivate me to walk the 40-minute journey into work. I’ve been doing it for the last 6 months whenever I’ve been required to go in, which is usually twice a week.

I am using the car only once a week now. Any journey that I consider ‘walkable’, so anything around an hour, I will do it on foot.”

What health benefits have you noticed as a result?

“My fitness and energy levels have massively improved. It has enabled me to have a go at other activities like tennis and badminton.

I am doing the Regency 10K run around Leamington next month. If you had said to me two years ago that I would be running a 10K I’d have said ‘you’re ridiculous!’.

Not only has it benefited the physical side, but the mental side too. Getting active is a great stress reliever.”

A big thank you to Laura for sharing her story with the BetterPoints community. She has been chosen as a ‘Ditch the Car Star’ winner. We would love more participants to share their story, so we are offering you a chance to win 25,000 BetterPoints too. Just look out for an invitation to share your story in the coming weeks.