Support Myton Hospice with your BetterPoints

03 August 2021

Donate your BetterPoints to great local causes

Users can donate their BetterPoints earned from the Choose How You Move Warwick challenge in support of local charities. One such charity listed on the BetterPoints app is Myton Hospice.

Myton have three hospices in Coventry, Rugby and Warwick. They care for people, aged 18 and over, with a wide range of life limiting illnesses including Respiratory conditions, Heart conditions, Cancer, Organ failure and Neurological conditions. They also provide support for their loved ones.

Myton Hospice has raised £7.8 million of the £10.5 million needed this year to continue providing their services free of charge. Less than 25% of their funding comes from the NHS, so they are reliant on donations and support from the local community.

Last year, despite the challenges of Covid-19 which limited their ability to offer some services, Myton still supported 1,400 people and their families, in their hospices, via their patient & family support services, and in the community through Myton at Home.

You can find out more about Myton Hospice via their website here.

How can I donate my BetterPoints?

Donations from BetterPoints users are hugely welcome for charities like Myton Hospice. They are easy to achieve too:

  1. Track your active and sustainable travel journeys around Warwick District
  2. Collect your BetterPoints
  3. Select ‘donate’ and choose the cause you would like to contribute towards and the amount of BetterPoints.

I am not signed up to do I join?

  1. Download the BetterPoints app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Complete the registration form and then join the 'Choose How You Move Warwick' challenge from the invitation in your app timeline.

For more information about how to take part, tap or click here.