Patient and staff at Myton Hospice

Local charities

Choose How Your Move rewards green and healthy travel with BetterPoints that you can donate locally.

If you run a local charity and would like to sign up to accept BetterPoints, get in touch via email.

Not yet taking part in the Choose How You Move in Warwick District challenge?

Download the free BetterPoints app via the buttons at the bottom or QR code below
Register an account with your Warwick District postcode. If you work or study but commute in from outside, contact us for a referral code.

Local charities

We have four local charities that you can currently donate your BetterPoints to:

🌍 Action 21
🏠 LWS Night Shelter
🤗 Myton Hospice
🏳️‍🌈 Warwickshire Pride

How to donate your BetterPoints

Once you've earned some BetterPoints for walking, wheeling, cycling and using public transport in Warwick District, you need to:

1️⃣ Tap Rewards
2️⃣ Then select Donate your BetterPoints
3️⃣ Use the search bar to find the cause you would like to support
4️⃣ Tap Donate and then insert the amount of BetterPoints (1,000 = £1).

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