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Zero Store

Zero Store in Leamington Spa joined the Choose How You Move in Warwick District challenge to list vouchers in the BetterPoints rewards catalogue.  

Since launching in April 2022, over four hundred pounds in sales have been generated for the plastic-free shop through vouchers redeemed in the app.

We caught up with Charlie, the founder of Zero Store, to hear more about the positive impact the challenge is having on her business.

Why did you choose to get involved in the Choose How You Move challenge?

“It started when a couple of customers mentioned the challenge and said it would be great to be able to spend their rewards with us, not just on vouchers from the likes of Amazon.
It made sense to get involved, not only as it would help us reach new customers but because our objectives aligned as well.
By encouraging people to reduce their car use Choose How You Move has sustainability at its heart. You’re also more likely to discover local businesses like ours if you are walking, cycling or catching the bus into town, rather than driving to an out-of-town shopping centre.
Benefitting the environment, people’s health and supporting local is exactly what we’re interested in.”

How have you and your customers found the process of redeeming a voucher?

“It has been very straightforward. The information in the app is clearly presented and we’ve never had any issues.
When a voucher is confirmed in the app we mark it off on a Google Sheet for peace of mind, although as everything is recorded within the app it isn’t an absolute necessity. It’s as easy as that really.”

What difference has it made to your business?

“It has brought extra exposure through the app, which has been great. We’ve had a number of first-time customers who found out about us through BetterPoints messages and emails.
Equally, existing customers who are using the app already, or have been introduced to it by us, are encouraged to come back knowing they can get money off their next shop.
It has had the benefit of generating extra sales too. A customer will come in with a £2.50 or £5 BetterPoints voucher, but then get some other bits whilst they are here. The added spend is really valuable.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“I think it is really nice that there is an emphasis on promoting local businesses like ours, not just the multinational retail giants.
Local businesses bring a uniqueness and vibrancy to a local area that I feel is really important and worth supporting.”

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