Workplace Challenge

Warwick District Council staff are invited to take part in the 5-month Choose How You Move Workplace Challenge on the BetterPoints app.

BetterPoints is a multi-award winning technology company that motivates people to change their behaviour to cut air pollution, reduce congestion and improve health and wellbeing.

By joining the Workplace Challenge, you will be able to earn exclusive rewards and win prizes by travelling in cleaner and greener ways for work and by getting active during the working day. You will also earn rewards from the publicly available Choose How You Move in Warwick District Challenge for all of your walking, cycling and public transport trips in the District, as well as swim, gym and exercise classes at local Everyone Active leisure centres.

Not yet taking part in the Workplace Challenge?

Download the free BetterPoints app via the App Store or Google Play buttons at the bottom or QR code below
Register an account with your email. If you are already registered to BetterPoints or don't have a work email like this one, get in touch to request a referral code.

🚀 Once the challenge has launched, you can earn rewards for walking, running, cycling and using public transport for your commute, for site visits or when breaking up the working day with some exercise. Even when you are working from home, try a virtual commute to be rewarded.

💰 You can trade your rewards for vouchers with participating local retailers, high street brands, or donate them to charity.

❓ Have questions about the challenge? Check out our FAQs page here.

🌃 Win a European City Break

Can you commute sustainably to work at least once week, come what may?

Participants in the workplace challenge are invited to join our May campaign for the chance to win a European city break and a share of £250 between 22 April - 26 May.

There are three ways you can win:

1. Refer a Colleague – invite a colleague to join in to enter the weekly prize draw for 25,000 BetterPoints (that’s £25!). Every referral, up to ten per week, will earn you an entry into the draws, which will take place every Monday for the next five weeks. Remember: your colleague must register with their email.
2. Weekly Prize Draw – every car-free trip to work of over a mile will earn an entry into the draw for 25,000 BetterPoints. Working from home? Try a virtual commute to earn entries to the draw.
3. Top Prize – with Eurostar, you don’t have to fly to enjoy a trip to Europe. Everyone who records a car-free trip to work on at least one day a week for three of the next five weeks will go into the draw for a £500 Eurostar travel and accommodation voucher. The winner will be announced on 27 May.

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